From the start

From the start

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Angel.Lily By ms_owriter Completed

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Nathan is a tall, dark and handsome popular high schooler. His life is as cliche as can be until he meets Candace , a beautifully, outspoken yet quiet loner who turns it upside down.

Nathan takes an instant liking to Candace and her stubborn and witty personality and her his sweet, warm demeanour.

However, when a drama begins to unfold and hearts break,  Nathan starts to notice that Candace is actually more than meets the eye. 

But, the pressures is on when Candace's crazy life leaves her blind to Nathan's affections and Nathan takes up finding out as much he can about her to fulfill that aching desire he question every time he sees or thinks about her. 

Obstacles and a void comes between them, Nathan and Candice must act fast, But will they ever find the sizzling love that they deserve?!

jasinjoy jasinjoy Jul 20
I don't know if you're planning on editing but it would be a good idea to break your paragraphs into smaller chunks. It's easier for the reader.
jasinjoy jasinjoy Jul 20
Yea I agree. Im tired of the books using promiscuity as a way for the relationship between main guy and his girl to break up
toastbaconeggs toastbaconeggs Jun 06, 2015
I like the fact that she doesn't get around like in a lot of books. Kudos to you!
ms_owriter ms_owriter Apr 01, 2013
@luvlola what do you mean, as the character or in real life?
ms_owriter ms_owriter Feb 06, 2013
thanks everyone and @neroshiro100 I forgot who it was, sorry and he is a model. When the name comes back I'll let you know.
summajoy summajoy Feb 02, 2013
love it already ....glad she knee that perv....serve him right!!!