my gamer boyfriend (Ben drowned x reader)

my gamer boyfriend (Ben drowned x reader)

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Reneè Alaska By benn__drowned Updated Dec 22, 2015

(Your pov)

Beep beep beep!

I groaned, rolling over and grabbing my phone. The light burning my eyes, I swiped the off button on my alarm.

I got up, turning my lamp on and grabbing some clothes and running into the bathroom to take a shower.

After my shower, I threw on my clothes, did my makeup, and straightened my hair.

I went back to my room, grabbing my legend of Zelda bookbag. 

I heard the bus pull up and quickly ran out the door, making sure to lock my bedroom door so much older brother doesn't go in.

I live with my brother, he's 18. After my parents died a month ago. 

I am a very depressed person, I lost my best friend, Ben, when I was young. Then I lost my parents .

I don't show my depression, I always fake smiles it's a talent you could say.

When I got on the bus everything went silent, everyone knows my parents died last month and I haven't been to school since.

I sat in the back and got out my phone.

Ich hasse mien leben (I hate my life) 

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Smol_Maple_Grace Smol_Maple_Grace May 23, 2017
*dabs* I wanna say something but I'm gonna get reported for it *dabs again*
- - Jun 12, 2017
I'm so proud of myself now. my best friend is teaching me how to speak german (I'm a beginner so I suck) and for once I actually recognized a sentence was German!
xxjae-kellyxx xxjae-kellyxx Nov 07, 2017
Ive never read a story with german in it 😶😶 hm. I AM INTRIGUED
TheShadowWolfChick TheShadowWolfChick May 07, 2017
Lol I'm 12 and when I was younger my three best friends names were Ben Jeff and Tobias this  suppose to mean something ?????
Dixons_Babygirl Dixons_Babygirl Nov 25, 2017
Just me, my mom, my 8 yr sister and my 16 aunt. My dad died 3 months ago.
drownedwafflez87 drownedwafflez87 Jul 11, 2017
I have 3 step sisters and 2 step brothers who are at least 10 years older than me... ._.