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Theo James is living solo in his cozy studio sized apartment when one early, early, morning there's a knock on his door. He grumbles- because who likes getting up that early in winter?- and pads his way across the small rooms he found comforting. 

Opening the door he curses because there's no one at the door and is ready to slam the door when a flash of pink makes him pause. He sees a baby carrier and freaks, with that he slams the door but then opens it once again. Panicked he checks the baby carrier and sure enough there's a baby inside, a baby girl. 

Eight months later he's living with his angel, his daughter. 


She has everything she could possibly want and life is amazing. Everything's going great and Theo has a thriving little business. One day there's a stranger, a woman with beautiful long hair, sitting criss-crossed on the floor. She comes into his life like everything's meant to be, at least in his behalf. She's not only beautiful on the outside but the inside. 


callmecrxzy callmecrxzy Jun 06, 2016
It sounds like something I would say if someone knocked the door of my room at 5 am and make me get out of my bed.😂😂
Be_A_Six Be_A_Six Sep 01, 2015
I want to know who is the mom?? I loved the first chapter❤❤❤
Thefaultinour46 Thefaultinour46 Jun 19, 2015
Just wondering... While theo was at the DNA testing thing, couldn't he have just gotten Brooklyn's DNA tested to find out who the mom is? Even though we know it's shai... He doesn't. Idk anything about DNA tests so idk if you would need shai's DNA too, but I was just wondering:)
fanthasies fanthasies Jun 12, 2015
Still the prolouge and I like it already. Who knows what will happen to Theo...
newtheo newtheo Jun 08, 2015
YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEEES I'm so happy, you are such an amazing writer (I think you might be my favorite ff writer already hahahaha)! Thank you for creating such cool stories and bringing sheo to life (lol) :)))))))))))))
weirdfangirl46 weirdfangirl46 Jun 04, 2015
You know? 
                              I think this is a really amazing story  ,it already sounds really interesting