So Not Cliche [Yukine x Reader]

So Not Cliche [Yukine x Reader]

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This is not a cliche story. This is about a girl and blonde haired boy who can never seem to get their act together.

Who knew romance could be so clumsy?

[Strongly based on the anime and manga, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.]

[I do not own these characters, or storyline, except the ones that will be created in this book. All rights reserved to Adachitoka!]

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This sounds wierd cause my last name is Ortiz. So it would be Ortiz-senpai. It would sound if it was sargent Ortiz, like my dad.
My last name is really weird and does not fit in with this. Plus it's weird.
The comments are the whole fandom wrapped in a box with a now 😂
BB_Yama BB_Yama May 17
Can we talk about how thus is based off of gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun!?!?!? LIKE HECK YECK
XOXOcrazy_1 XOXOcrazy_1 Jun 18
*drinking something*
                              "Please be my valentines!"
                              *spit out all my drink*
                              Wtf dude. *wtf face*
                              My drink ;~;
*looks at him*Do I know you? No? Alright. *leaves without anymore words*