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Life... Is a Bag of Sh!t

Life... Is a Bag of Sh!t

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Ebiru By EbiruAni Updated Sep 02, 2010

I was happy with the life I had until my father gave me the big news that we were incorporating 3 ½ new persons into the family. I was getting a step-mom, and two step-bros. But wait, that only makes 3, where is the “½” part? It’s in my step-moms womb.

CharacterDevelopment CharacterDevelopment Apr 26, 2011
I LOVE her taste in music!!! It's about time there was a character on Wattpad that didn't like either pop or alternative/emo rock!!!
                              Beatles, Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, Foreigner, Kansas, Styx.... the list of the best artists of all time comes from the 60s to the 80s.
thisissernpiternal thisissernpiternal Mar 20, 2011
You do realize you Spanish was incorrect, grammatically and in meaning. At one point you said until the elbows.... You might want to check the Spanish you put in there... Oh and um ustedes is the formal, plural of you so you did not need the dos. But otherwise I loved the story!
TaurusScorpioVirgo TaurusScorpioVirgo Oct 24, 2010
Its pretty good so far. So keep up the good work and please upload more soon.
                              <3 Lynn
featherdeath featherdeath Sep 02, 2010
hey its really good! can you read mine its called wretched madness its a one shot but I think you'll like it =) please comment and tell me what you think, thanks