One shots (r-rated)

One shots (r-rated)

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LikeWoah13 By LikeWoah13 Updated Feb 05, 2013

"Hey Onyx go to your apartment and grab us some ketchup." Bryan yells across the room drawing my attention from a very cute blonde with nice big boo- "Yo dog go get us some ketchup!" 

"you want me to leave your apartment run down the stairs take the shortcut through the alley up to my apartment just to get a bottle of ketchup!" I say incredulously. 

He looks at me weirdly "why would you take the stairs?" 

"umm...I don't know maybe because your elevators broken..." I say stating the obvious. 

He looks up and smacks himself in the face "oh yeah...but you still have to go."  

I scrunched up my face "but whyyyy?" I asked in a three year olds voice while pouting my lip. 

"stop being such a pussy and go do it." he says. 

"fine but if I die in the alley and get raped by some big gorilla man I will come back and haunt you." I say and stomp out of his apartment. 

I hat it when Bryan has parties I always end up having to go get something! He's such a butt-head! I mean seriously just when...

rnj126 rnj126 Jun 10, 2016
The part where Anabelle is returning the favor is VERY well written!!