Spidey & Speedy - Central City Rush

Spidey & Speedy - Central City Rush

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Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy really couldn't have picked a worse day to come to Central City for a tour of their prestigious university. Because today is the day when a black hole threatens to devour not only the city, but potentially the whole world as well.

Of course, the day will be saved by not only The Flash, but Spider-Man as well - and soon, more equally cool heroes join forces with them. But what other unexpected effects will the black hole cause?

(Part 1 of the Spidey & Speedy Series. This is an alternate universe fic. Set between TASM 1 and 2, and begins at the end of the S1 finale of The Flash (with canon divergence.) Any and all OC's are owned by me. The Amazing Spider-Man is owned by Sony. The Flash is owned by DC, WB, and Greg Berlanti. Nightwing is owned by DC. iZombie is owned by Vertigo, Spoondoolie, and WB.)

(Cover designed by @Whisperingwater.)

Iris? Is that you already? Naw, they wouldn't introduce her THIS soon... or WOULD THEY!?
lilmissvi lilmissvi 5 days ago
I was just wonderin', the title says 'Spidey & Speedy'. Isn't 'Speedy' Thea Queen's nickname?
I definitely think Barry could've used an Aunt May and Uncle Ben growing up...
It is not Bary. Bar's circle is white. It is the Reverse Flash
Ha! "Is that the Flash" is that even a question at this point?
Dɑɦ Բʀickɛɳ Բʆɑรɦ ɓiรɦɛร. Dɛɑʆ witɦ tɦiร รɦiz.