Ink Me Insane (Book One)

Ink Me Insane (Book One)

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For Rene Sparks, it all began with some ink and a knife. Two dragons, one black, the other one white, appeared from nowhere to adorn her arms when she was only eleven. Their sudden appearance and permanent stains of "imperfection"  sent her teetering mother over  a cliff of madness to the point where she tried to cut the abominations off Rene's arms. They were the constants in her life, the dragon tattoos and the scars that traced them. 

Unable to fit in with the normals of society, years later, she was placed in a boarding school for youths with mental health issues, affectionately called the Asylum by its residents. The Asylum though was no haven for the insane and Rene struggled to cling to what shred of sanity there might be left from a failing system of experimental treatments and corrupted caretakers as the tattoos on her skin continue to grow in number. 

Rene's life was no fairy tale and she was certainly no princess, but perhaps even an insane girl can become a hero when they have some dragons up their sleeves.

Cover by ron-faure from DeviantArt