Fitness for Dummies ✓

Fitness for Dummies ✓

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❝To all the girls that think they're ugly because they're not a size zero--you're the beautiful one. It's society who's ugly.❞

Lizzie Roberts is an overweight teenage girl. Her life is all about eating junk food, watching TV, surfing the internet and lying on her bed all day long until one day her mom takes a decision. She makes Lizzie join a summer fitness camp-Fitness for Dummies.

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cover by: agonised

hammione hammione Sep 16, 2016
Lmao. My friend tried waking me up to keep her company because she was scared. I kicked her
miahnicole1 miahnicole1 Aug 24, 2016
While she's talking I'm like her friend right there and the pizza is half finished🍕🍕
KimNamJoon1 KimNamJoon1 Sep 24, 2016
Im not a child anymore but any teasing about my weight still makes me teary. Heck I'll randomly think about some comment someones made and then try to not cry. Sad how you cant make bad memories go away but sometimes those bad memories make you strive for the  better
_capriciously_ _capriciously_ Nov 01, 2016
I made my best friend watch Conjuring 2 though she protested a lot! xD
LilacSeok LilacSeok Jul 16, 2016
I'm glad she cares about her daughter enough to actually tell her that her eating & exercising habits are getting out of hand. Being overweight is unhealthy and can cause health problems for her in the future.
KimNamJoon1 KimNamJoon1 Sep 24, 2016
I know I'm overweight, you dont need to call me names or state the obvious. What do you think I see in the mirror everyday? Don't you think I know this already?