The Italian billionaire

The Italian billionaire

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xavier3113 By xavier3113 Updated Jul 30, 2016

"Shhh don't cry amore mio" said the voice again as he brushed away my tears....wait I know that was him.

Meet Anastasia hill she's your everyday nerdy girl she's bubbly full of life and loving even if life hasn't been that loving  to her.but that all changes when she meets Damien.

Damiano lucio cavalcante  is a ruthless Italian billionaire at 22 years old he is the ceo of cavalcante co.  He grew up poor and his mum had to do a lot to keep him and his brother and sister surviving in New York  his father had betrayed his family long ago abandoning them with his debt he hated his father for that however he promised his mum a better life and he kept the promise.he doesn't believe in love after what his father did to his mother with looks of a Greek God and a italian heritage girls run around him.

But what happens when he feels protective towards one certain girl. Join the story of the too as they complete each other even with obstacles in the way, passion, betrayal everything wrapped in one story

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shannyVeal shannyVeal Apr 19, 2016
Your book is really good but it's hard to get into with bad grammar and very short chapters
childofknowlege childofknowlege Sep 18, 2016
i fogot to ask in the last chapter and i this probably sounds wierd but what deos 'pj' are really bae' mean
gaabrielamz gaabrielamz Jan 12, 2016
Your story has so much potential but please use punctuation marks and paragraphs.