May You Be Mine? (Interracial BoyxBoy)

May You Be Mine? (Interracial BoyxBoy)

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Rey Johnson By HalfZochomore Completed

There is always that new kid that catches everyone's eye. In this case, it was Isiah Williams. The short new black kid who everyone has seem to grow a liking too. Even Jason Dawson. Before Isiah arrived on the scene he lived in his closet. Now at the school, Jason is hopped up on testosterone and stops at nothing to make Isiah William his boyfriend. But Jason isn't the only boy after Isiah, who else may it be?

Find out in this humorous, romantic, drama filled, teen fiction.

Warning: Contains BXB, don't like don't read. Also first time.

Praise Jesus you actually read the note about a girl being one of the main characters lol. Thanks for comment.
A straight boy writing and reading about boyxboy. I'm down with it. Can't wait to see what happens
nieshabear nieshabear May 26
Ummm were we suppose to like Alex? Because I kinda didn't.
                              But its a good start to a amazing story and I'm excites for Jason and Isiah!!
Uhhh isn't this supposed to be a boyxboy what am I reading? Who is even Alex?
@HalfZochomore  Why thank you! I tend not to get that get very often mostly like i'm trouble. If you get what I mean.
Amahle Amahle Oct 07
That's not funny but rude if a fat girl is reading this book how do u think that girl feels mxm ...that's just  being judgemental