The Bad Boy Moved In

The Bad Boy Moved In

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Yo gURL ALLii By hormonal-teen Updated Jun 24, 2017

~2 years ago~

Damon (d-ā-man)  Ragen (Rage-En)
Damon Ragen got arrested no one really knows why but I'm glad he was. He was just trouble, guess you could say he was trouble when he walked in. Ha. I wasn't in the class he attended at the time but I remember my dad near the police officer putting the hand cuffs on him. That day I felt free. The commander of the fuck boys had been taken down. Thank god.


My dads fixing up our guest room.
"Dad is grandma coming over or what," I asked

"No, you see Aiden, you remember Damon?" He asked 

"Yea I remember that ass hole, he deserved everything he got," I said 

"Don't say that because he's moving in with us," he says

Smack. That was a HUGE slap in the face.

"But, but dad," 

"No buts Aiden its final," he said.

Out of all peoples lives he could mess up Damon chose me. I'm not your religious girl, but I need Jesus right now. This should be an interesting senior Year.

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nouf_alajami nouf_alajami Jan 25, 2016
I'm listening to how u get the girl by Taylor swift and I'm not a fan but the song is sick