The Undesirables (Sample Chapter)

The Undesirables (Sample Chapter)

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Chad Thumann By thumandgloom Completed

(Chapter 1 only)
In the winter of 1941-1942, Leningrad is under siege, and Karen Hamilton, a seventeen-year-old American musician, finds herself trapped and struggling to survive. Throughout the city, people are dying of starvation and frostbite, and Karen knows that if she doesn't escape immediately, she will share their fate. If she has any hope of leaving Russia and reuniting with her fiancé, Bobby, in New York, she must do the impossible: cross enemy lines and then stow away.

On her harrowing journey, Karen encounters Petr, a young conscripted Russian soldier. She isn't sure she can trust him-he is equally wary of her. But as the two join forces in order to stay alive, an unexpected romance takes root.

Now, as Karen gets closer to the reality of escape, she has a choice to make: Will she return to a safe life in America with Bobby, or remain in war-torn Russia with Petr?

This is a sample chapter of the book that will be available October 18 from Lake Union Publishing.

  • action
  • adventure
  • combat
  • dystopian
  • girl
  • guns
  • historical
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • romance
  • russia
  • soldiers
  • survival
  • war
  • ww2
FrirderikeGeissler FrirderikeGeissler Oct 30, 2017
someone who was very, very hungry probably stole the bodies to eat the flesh. Cannibalism.
harfas harfas Sep 23, 2016
Americans didnt go to SSSR. And if they did secet police would have keep a big eye on them. You has no idea how cruel it was, fear, no future, chernobyl, higher education only for "chosen one". Do you have any idea why would americans go there ?!
Beatific21 Beatific21 Jul 23, 2016
Artistic addition to an otherwise sullen atmosphere. I like the combination.
gingerbread250 gingerbread250 Sep 20, 2016
Well it was good except for the fact I don't even get to read it...bummer...
BexDevereux BexDevereux Sep 19, 2016
Are you serious we can't even read this story???? That sux why even have it here then.😫
ElaineRutledge ElaineRutledge Nov 23, 2016
Last I checked wattpad isn't for samples of stories, if you're too greedy to share then get off wattpad! !!