Blunder ‡ Spencer Reid

Blunder ‡ Spencer Reid

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bucky barnes By vallutasid Updated Dec 02, 2015

Dr. Spencer Reid is a genius.
He's from Vegas and he's a magician.
He knows tricks. He plays tricks. 

Piper Colton is a detective.
She's not from Vegas and she's a player.
She knows games. She owns games.

A case happens.
To Spencer, it's another Unsub to outwit.
To Piper, it's another game to play.

What is at stake?

{ on hold }

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stranger_memes stranger_memes Nov 21, 2016
It's called the Achilles Tendon. Sorry, but I'm kind of a freak about Greek Mythology.
iwantadonutbadly iwantadonutbadly Sep 20, 2016
It's clever you used Gray and Mattews as her middle and last name seeing as Reid is played by Mattew Gray Gubler. I like you already!
wetheroyals wetheroyals May 30, 2015
You are honestly probably the best writer I'be come across on Wattpad (and I've been here 2 years). You are such a stunning writer, and I can really see that you're going to have a career in writing (if you already don't). Great job on this chapter :)
wetheroyals wetheroyals May 30, 2015
This prologue had me in goosebumps! The way you wrote and described everything gave me chills! This is amazing, I really hope more people find out about this book :)