Blunder ‡ Spencer Reid

Blunder ‡ Spencer Reid

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bucky barnes By vallutasid Updated Dec 02, 2015

Dr. Spencer Reid is a genius.
He's from Vegas and he's a magician.
He knows tricks. He plays tricks. 

Piper Colton is a detective.
She's not from Vegas and she's a player.
She knows games. She owns games.

A case happens.
To Spencer, it's another Unsub to outwit.
To Piper, it's another game to play.

What is at stake?

{ on hold }

It's called the Achilles Tendon. Sorry, but I'm kind of a freak about Greek Mythology.
e4school e4school Sep 20
It's clever you used Gray and Mattews as her middle and last name seeing as Reid is played by Mattew Gray Gubler. I like you already!
You are honestly probably the best writer I'be come across on Wattpad (and I've been here 2 years). You are such a stunning writer, and I can really see that you're going to have a career in writing (if you already don't). Great job on this chapter :)
This prologue had me in goosebumps! The way you wrote and described everything gave me chills! This is amazing, I really hope more people find out about this book :)