How to Write Fiction

How to Write Fiction

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Elicia Hyder By EliciaHyder Updated Oct 01, 2016

I am an Amazon bestselling author and (former) editor, and I love helping other writers improve their craft. 

This book began as the "Writing Tips & Tricks" thread over in the Improve Your Writing Club, and it got so big that it was becoming a little hard to follow. I hope this will improve communication as I am more than happy to answer questions and give advice.

The advice you will find here follows the Chicago Manual of Style which is widely used by American publishers. There are some variances in style from country to country (and even from American publisher to American publisher.) 

If you have questions or would like me to address a specific topic, please feel free to leave a comment. I will respond to all questions and comments!

**It may be easier to search the Table of Contents, as there is no rhyme or reason right now to chapter order.**

This book is like my #1 reference guide to writing. Like LITERALLY JUST come here for ANYTHING. It helps you straighten out so much of those wrinkles which could be turned to serious burns if corrected too much.
Kates567 Kates567 May 29, 2016
Thanks, some great info on here, finding simple explanations of the rules of dialogue have been challenging.
Nerdiest Nerdiest May 15, 2016
Hey, do you think the next lesson could be on writing dialogue in other languages? Because I have seen a lot of this being done in other stories and I wanted to know the proper way, if there even is one.
TheWynncraftFury TheWynncraftFury May 23, 2016
Next, could you possibly do a chapter on how to write chapter names? I want to publish a chapter in my book, but I feel like I can't until I get a name for a chapter.
Csquared024 Csquared024 Jun 27, 2016
I love this! 
                              Wish you could lesson us if using Past tenses should be consistent. I'm having a hard time on this one. Should I use past tenses all the time? When will I use present tenses then?
UKCountryball UKCountryball Jun 10, 2016
I feel i need to publish The Day After Tommorow when it hits 300k.