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Being the mafia's slave

Being the mafia's slave

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Giinji By Giinji Completed

"You know, it'd be so much better if you just turned around." Luci chuckles, making me blush even harder. 
"Cause right now, this view is killing me." He adds after a few seconds, and I shudder at his voice. "Oh yeah, just looking on my back makes you turned on? Then there's no way in hell I'm gonna turn around." I puff out, folding my arms over my chest. "Nah, I'm thinking more of the position. You in for a doggy?"
Quinn Lockwood had the perfect life, being the daughter of the famous Lockwood raven's company. But when the entire company is wiped out by Mystics, Quinn is the only one who manages to survive. 
Quinn is now forced to become a slave for the Mystics' mafia, and when the cold blooded ice princess picks her to become his slave, what will happen to Quinn?
Hatred? Anger? Hurt? Love?

This story will contain some mild adult scenes and some serious cussing, but I've been putting up signs for the sensitive peeps. Hah.

This is my first story ever written, and since English isn't my native language I apologize for any grammar and or spelling mistakes. 
And also, I am going to edit this book. BUT, the edited one will be a separate one, so not THIS one. This one will remain as it is.

BabyGurl226 BabyGurl226 Jun 24, 2016
Awh hell nawll he got my last name. I'ma call him my older cousin
tobiaseatonlover tobiaseatonlover Apr 03, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of Gray Fullbuster? Natsu's nickname for gray is ice princess. XDD
Pinky33605 Pinky33605 Apr 13, 2016
How'd you know you were in a dark room if you just opened your eyes😑 lol jk
Dark_Sinner101kl Dark_Sinner101kl Mar 22, 2016
Your book is just freaking awesome.. This is my third time reading it