Nephew of Stark (Percy Jackson cross avengers fan fiction)

Nephew of Stark (Percy Jackson cross avengers fan fiction)

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Maddi By thegreatmadzilla Updated Feb 02, 2016

Percy is broken. Five of the seven have died. Everyone but Nico, Tahlia, Grover, Blackjack and the Gods think he has died. He is lost. When Sally and Paul die he has to go live with his uncle, that he has never met nor properly heard of. 

Tony Stark adopts his strange nephew, Percy Jackson, after his sisters death. Although he quickly learns that there is much more to Percy then meets the eye, 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters! The characters and some of the places are owned by the amazing Rick Riordan and Marvel!

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Wait only leo and annabeth were apart of yhe seven were is the fourth (Including percy)
MayaTheDemiwizard MayaTheDemiwizard May 25, 2016
Nooooo! He should've tried controlling the poison!😭😭😭😢😢
Look2the_stars Look2the_stars Sep 09, 2016
I love how everyone casually forgets that Leo Is the one that kill dirt face
the_winner123 the_winner123 Apr 08, 2016
Did anyone notice that this monster called the writer(sarcasm)  killed frank, hazel,piper and jason!!!😪
Bookareawesomes Bookareawesomes Dec 31, 2016
YOUR EVILLLLLLLLL, I started crying when you said he walked through Olupus looking at wins girls buildings
Only thing that makes this even worse; A Thousand Years by Christina Perry just came on my headphones... WHY????????????