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4 Day Experiment (Markson Fanfic)

4 Day Experiment (Markson Fanfic)

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marksonfanfics By marksonfanfics Updated Jun 07, 2015

Mark was never one to speak much. He didn't have many friends. Most of the time, he sat alone...just thinking. Thinking about his life and his problems. Currently, he doesn't have enough money for his college tuition. The due date is in a month, and he barely has half of the total cost.

Today, Mark decided to find a job. It was no doubt that he was scared. The last time he initiated a conversation with someone was over 2 months ago.

Mark decided that he would even apply to 5 jobs if he had to. Mark was desperate for some cash. His first stop was Hollister. Mark walked in and scanned the shop.

"Hi! Welcome to Hollister," a teenage girl said happily. Mark only nodded in response. 

He trudged his way up to the cashiers. His heart was pounding. Words couldn't explain his fear. Mark stepped up to the counter.

"E-excuse me," he stuttured.

"Hi, sir! How can I help you today?"

"A-are you g-guys h-hiring?"

"No, I'm sorry. All positions are filled right now!"


Mark walked...

Mikey4life Mikey4life 2 days ago
This is pretty much exactly what my friend said to me yesterday 😂
Damn, Wang is horny, and Mark is horny, and neither of them r asking, damn
You won't because you already have fallen in love with Jackson
I skipped ahead.
                              Mark, you will be swallowing your words(If that made sense).
i read "Mark gently raped on the door two times"
                              well then
-sugacube -sugacube Mar 02
Hollister is a good store but I hate most of the employees..