Changed(Book 3 of The Athens Wolves Series)

Changed(Book 3 of The Athens Wolves Series)

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Bonnie Hoffman By WereGirl007 Completed


"Honey, wake up, dinner time." I turned towards Greyson's voice and focused on his neck before getting up faster than ever and pushing his into the wall. My throat was so dry and the memory of me drinking his blood last night hit me and my mouth latched onto his neck. "Aaron, honey, hey, let go of my neck."

I growled as he tried to pull me away and dug my teeth in farther and moaning at the faster blood flow.

I lived in the same pack my whole life. I went off to college, 4 states away three months before I turned 18 and I wasn't required to come back and find my mate. I was so relieved that most of my old classmates don't remember me, not that most of them were Werewolves anyways. There was only about 5 wolves in my class. When I'm back, I somehow find my mate, Greyson Titan and I had just looked up into his eyes as he took his coffee because he had cast a large shadow over my face.

I knew about Greyson. The pack says that he is only back for his little brothers wedding then going to be an enforcer again. But staying or going doesn't matter when I pass out for 7 days straight after being given 'vampire' blood.

I was a mystery to Greyson, he didn't even remember me from school.  I am not scared of him. Most of what is happening to us.

I remember that he was the loved football slash baseball slash hockey slash basketball slash track star everyone depended on and of course loved, but he isn't like that anymore. I can tell. He is harder, more like the perfect soldier and he was... the perfect enforcer.

I was the shy girl in the back of the class that made sure she didn't get picked on because of her family. And college changed me, but not only did I change then, it looks like I am changing again, and this time more than just my personality. 

I don't know how long until something goes really wrong, but I know little bad things will end up creating a huge mess. I'm going to be in the center of it all. Hopefully Greyson will save me.

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desireejane5 desireejane5 Jan 16, 2017
Has anyone pointed out that Aaron is the male name and Erin is the female version of Aaron?..
Beach_Bum13 Beach_Bum13 Jan 10, 2016
I'm excited to read about greyson having a mate and how he is around her. That man needs to be a bit more grounded.
WereGirl007 WereGirl007 Aug 31, 2015
thanks so much for just keeping up with the series!!!!!! if you ever need anything I am here!
babe_tae_ babe_tae_ Aug 31, 2015
Thanks for dedicating this chapter to me. I loved the first two books and can't wait to see how Greyson will be in this one.