The Taming of the B.I.T.C.H (Lesbian Story)

The Taming of the B.I.T.C.H (Lesbian Story)

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Layla Brown By LovelyLaylaBrown Updated Nov 13

Ivy Wright was the meanest of mean girls. Feared by all at Madison Collegiate Preparatory Academy. She was cold hearted, ruthless, tough, and simply evil. With a single snap of a finger she could have the entire school turned against you. She was the queen bee and rightfully so. She was beautiful, blonde hair, the purest of ice blue eyes, with perfect curves, and money for days. She was only a sophomore and already throned as Queen.

Emerald Green was new to Madison Collegiate Preparatory Academy. A firecracker, outspoken, New York rebel, with a heaet of gold. But with 3 strikes and a one way ticket to Juvie and a mother who recently died from cancer, Emeralds father forced her to move to Arizona in hopes of changing.

But when Emerald comes face to face with the queen herself will she revert to her old ways or tame the poisonous Ivy Wright.

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laurenrhode laurenrhode May 04
i only shower for 5-10mins its enough for me to get all cleaned up
I'm this close -- to stopping reading... BITCHHHHHHHHHHH CHECK YOUR FUCKINGGGG EGOOOOOO
drvnkkordei drvnkkordei May 21
Must be nice, school starts at 8:15 and I have to wake up at 5
Wattmem Wattmem May 13
She's getting a little on my nerves xD Good thing I watch too much anime so it doesn't affect me that much
jediistorm jediistorm May 22
Yeah I'm too much of a sarcastic, smart ass, and it was at its peak while I was in high school, so this girl would have been catching these hands - all over her forehead
KellyAmy96 KellyAmy96 May 12
I get the feeling that Ivy has a sweet girl under that mean mask.