Ross Lynch Dirty Minds

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That's a secret By DirtyWriting Updated 2 years ago
Step into the journey of Ross and Lilly's relationship which fast turns out to be pretty dirty. What's better than two dirty minded people? Two dirty minded people in a bed ;)  Restricted. Now you're warned ***BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME TO BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF THE CHAPTERS***
More than friends, but add a lot of drama and sweetness into it.
This is like the third time I have restarted reading this book again... Because it is amazing
I bet he likes the bed the most ;) if you know what I mean...
Ok well if everyone gets to say it I will too! FUC YOU TEACH
i dont know why i was laughing but i just kept on laughing the whole time i was reading this chapter  P.S i like it so far
Wouldn't it be funny if he threw rocks at the window at night and it turns out that was her parents' bedroom...