Lucas Coly Imagines

Lucas Coly Imagines

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Killin' Me Gangg☑✅ By ChrisNAugKillinMe Updated Jul 17, 2016


I tried to defend myself as he continued to hit me. I was fighting back until he punched me dead in my face causing me to fall and making my vision blur. This was all over a petty argument that me and lucas had . He finally stopped and left. 

About six months later I started to stalk him. Like a cheetah would stalk their prey . 

It was 9:30 at night and I finally got him where I  wanted him. he was walking down the street with his beats turned all the way up. I was in my all black camaro and slowly drove around the block until lucas noticed. But he didnt see who it was because of my dark tinted windows. When he started to run I grabbed my black 9mm glock and shot 3 times. I wasnt gonna kill him. So I shot him in his leg. 

One month later

I was walking down Lucas block omw home. And he noticed me. His leg was casted and he was walking with crutches. 

Lucas - Is that Yn ?  *Walking up to you* 

Yn - Oh my god Lucas how have you been !! *walking and talking with lucas*

I wa...

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Ooooooo. clapbacks aren't this strong irl. 😭😭
Bitch put a shirt on or some Damn ball shorts she know Damn WELL WTF SHE DOIN
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Idk y y'all saying "this" bihh's supposed to be U
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That's a whole different imagine. She don't know what she did💀😂
I understand he hit you, but you finna murder lil baybeh😂