Mafia Protection

Mafia Protection

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Innocent Ella has been sheltered her entire life by her father's strict disciplinary rules. She has no idea what's in store for her when she meets Angelo Tomassi. Angelo is a strict man of business. His words are to the point and his expressions indifferent.  Yet, when she looks deeper, his brown eyes are sad and reflective. He is alone. 

Angelo is also the most well-known crime boss in Miami. Death and destruction follow him wherever he goes. First she is tested to see if she can handle the mafia. Then she is attacked once she's there. Then she helplessly watches as the last memories of her mother fade with the wind.

However, it only takes one kiss, and Ella willingly gives up her chance to leave the mafia for a chance at love with Angelo. Now that he has her, Angelo will never let her go. He will protect her at all costs whether she likes it or not. If that means killing her father...he will.   

Ella breathed deep and shivered under his stature; but something about his expression bordered bewitching and fierce, as though his deep brown eyes could seduce and kill her in the same moment. Yet...she still paid no attention to his warning. "And what if I don't listen?" She glanced up at him; the tremble in her legs worsened with the serious gaze of his eyes.

"If you don't," Angelo slipped his hands around her cheeks, gently stroking them with his fingers and bringing her within an inch of his chest. "If you don't, it will be too late to change your mind."

With that, he gently pressed her forehead with his lips and lifted, gazing at the spellbound look in her eyes. He knew what even his lightest kiss would do. With it, he sealed her fate.

WARNING: I actively seek out plagiarists. Please reconsider before you steal my work. There are three versions of this story, all that belong to me. I watch for all copied material. Rewording of paragraphs is still plagiarism.

This book is my last hope b4 I give up on reading for the week
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Your story is similar to a story in episode called "Chain Reaction"
oh yeah am listening 😍😍🐓🐓🐓💃💃💃💃💃