Hisoka x Reader- (Stuck with Him)

Hisoka x Reader- (Stuck with Him)

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lol By the_chemist_bruhh Updated Nov 16, 2015

This is modern 

A strange man was on your bed unconscious. The entire time he was unconscious you were debating whether to call the police or try to wake him up.


Sky_Makara Sky_Makara Aug 25, 2016
Aye! Does it really matter Laddie?
                              Gonner: Ok. Ye can stop now.
Azaz91 Azaz91 Dec 12, 2016
Does his first sentence remind anyone else of the undertaker, or is that just me?
trashkingoikawa trashkingoikawa Dec 27, 2016
You can thank the creative geniuses drum hxh for our wonderful city of yorknew
Azaz91 Azaz91 Dec 12, 2016
He's not a clown man. He's a magnificent magician... That just happens to look like a clown...
HeavenSingleton HeavenSingleton Nov 19, 2016
So far I have read the two chapters and can't really get into the modern day hunter x hunter theme
TheAmazingGerby TheAmazingGerby 5 days ago
So I walk in on him practically naked and I only care about what his name is? Seems like something I'd do