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J K By ShabTuSubah Updated Jul 26, 2017

He was famous for something no one should ever be famous for. 

He protects the people in his country, therefore they protect him. Guards, security, personal assistants, paparazzi at his heels 24/7. He had everything he could ever want---fame, fortune, and above all, women, all of them falling to his feet, all of them wishing they could be with him--if only just for one night. He never needed just one, never needed to "settle down." He didn't want to. Until her.

She was a sweet, innocent, unsuspecting girl, destined to be tied to his name, his wealth, his fame, his fortune. Without realizing when or how, she quickly rises from her middle-class title to become the wife of the most well-known, most handsome, and most eligible bachelor in the country. And yet, she could not be more unhappy, even when the world loves her and all the women desire to be her. How could she, when the only man that should love her, doesn't?

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xxZeexxx xxZeexxx Aug 30, 2017
Times like this wish I had an older brother. It sucks in being the oldest daughter😐
AashiIrf AashiIrf Feb 17, 2016
Omg this story is so gud,looking forward to read more of Raid Omar and Rehma...
Sapphires01 Sapphires01 Mar 01, 2017
Looks good!
                              Plz complete this asap!!
                              Waiting to read it!
                              Otherwise u will have me on ur tail pestering for updates...
MuznaHashmani MuznaHashmani Nov 15, 2015
Woww! I loved the chapter! It was very good :) the way you describe everything is so amazing! Interesting start! ❤️ look forward to read the rest of the book!
aliyataj aliyataj Aug 06, 2015
oh my godd i cant wait for this one.Now a days I'm on on wattpad just to read your books.Theyr'e great (:
NimaWriter NimaWriter Jul 26, 2015
Ahhh, @ShabTuSubah I cannot wait! Loving the cover doeee! So...erm....when are you updating this....wait hoooold up. Not THIS, but when are you updating ALL of your books?! Novels I mean...ya know!