The Tree of Dreams

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Gavin Wilson By TheOrangutan Updated a year ago
Random poetry and the occasional drabble or dribble of other short random thought from the depths my somewhat bemused brain, or possibly Brian if the schizophrenic misspelt pseudo entity that lives up there is up to his old tricks... poems from the Tardis like halls of my head. No genre is safe...
Enjoying how you compared the animals through the times of day. Wickedly creative. :0
I like this owl and the fox, the night before dawn and the the sun of hope.
this is a beauiful. put vivid images in my mind. I liked the fox of the shadows.
@TheOrangutan I have added it to my reading list i will be reading it after my exams..I like this piece and want to read the other parts as well.. you're welcome :))
Wow, i really enjoyed this poem.  this one, it's magical. I LOVED IT♥
@TheOrangutan You're most welcome. I look forward to reading more of your poetry when time permits. ~ Gail