The marriage Interviews (boyxboy)

The marriage Interviews (boyxboy)

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emiljohnsonn By emiljohnsonn Updated Jun 06

For months, James Matthews father has been badgering him to find a wife to wed to uphold the name of the company - but James let it fly in one ear and out the other. But now, he's left with no choice. His father has notified the press that they will be holding marriage interviews to the public - against James knowledge. Little did they know, that Erin Handsler, on a dare, applies for the interviews. 

What will happen when his application is submitted?

[ Book 1 of the 'At First Sight' series ]

😂😂😂😂 ✋ dj bring that track back rewind and think about this you mean him honey himmmmm HIM i came here for some yaoi and im gonna get it
Boy your looking in the wrong directions. No worries no worries love will come to you in the form of a prank
He said "her" LOL HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH HAHHhh  he thinks that he's straight HAHAHHAHAHH
phanmedaddy phanmedaddy Apr 19
living in the 22nd century sucks its very rare to find some one so kind hearted ... WElcome to the world of fuckboys and fuckgirls .. (not all btw just majority)
stayxleave stayxleave Jul 07
I was excited to start a new story but I'm seeing all the nos and I'm like 0.0
Me either, but Got7, anime, books, t.v. series come pretty damn close.