sad peoms.

sad peoms.

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emily By diewithme Updated Jul 21, 2011

just one more pice left for this heart

,dont walk away i almost got you

 ,you said there is no us

,you walked away but i grabed your arm and said.. this is not the

real you,

you use to be nice and you said we'll be together for ever,

do you love her more than me?,

it hurts me when you walk away,

and you know but you dont even care,

until i walked away and you grabed my arm,

you said,

if i die and you die with me i will still

wont like you or love you but...,

you do belong in my heart and dont forget about that,

you let go of my arm and  i walk home and cried,

one tear came from his eye,

i dont care about him,

the first day of school i thought he was the one

but i was wrong,

make a chioce,

hurry because you dont have time,

when you say and he say,

i do...


i hoped you liked it!! :) :) :) :) wishes by: superchick!!

ilurvbooks ilurvbooks Jul 14, 2011
This is sad, and um, creepy xD
                              Thank you for the dedication!