the gang leader kidnaped me while doing my job

the gang leader kidnaped me while doing my job

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Police officer: So tell me what happened, the whole story.

Me: Well get comfortable, because this is a long story. Let's go back about 2 years ago, when it all started.

I was walking down the street, on my way home from work, when I heard some suspicious talking. I was a part time police officer so in a way this was my job to check it out. I hid behind a corner so they can't see me but I can hear their conversation.
"Where the money Jonny?" Said a man. 'A gang thing...this is new.' I thought to myself. I then went away to report this knowing one of their names.

Officer: if you got away then how were you kidnapped?

Me: Let me finish

That day wasn't my day, because of that, I tripped over a metal garbage can. Let me tell you something, it was LOUD.