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Percy Jackson and the Avengers Mix-Up (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Percy Jackson and the Avengers Mix-Up (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

14.8K Reads 391 Votes 3 Part Story
SO MANY FANDOMS By ICantPickAFavFandom Completed

My female Percy Jackson Character meets the Avengers in a totally weird way. It's filled with jokes and confusion and FUN! Also, my character has a whole background that you have to read first, like her powers and her weapons and her history otherwise there will be A LOT of stuff you guys won't get.  It's called "Female Percy Jackson Character. " And yes, the title's lame, SO WHAT?

This is everyone to me so much. I'll be like mom, can I go to my friend's birthday party? She had a look on her face that said this.
Rebel_Love-Song Rebel_Love-Song Jul 23, 2016
My little sister's reaction when I asked my mom and dad if my friends Masky and E.J could come over.
owca1000 owca1000 Jan 26
"Son troller"
                              Was he holding some troll dad or something? Lol
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler May 18, 2016
That picture scarred me for life, I will never be able to under that
HARRY POTTER IS AMAZING THAT IS THE SECOND MOVIE "HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS"!!!!!!!!! Whoops my fangirl is showing... looks like I can't keep her in the CHAMBER of my mind any more... My not-so-SECRET is out... MWUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
"His cheeks aflame" is he related to Leo? Can he set himself on fire?