Stalker - Chapter One

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Eric Holden is the hottest football player at Las Juntas College—and the straightest, but Abel Epstein never got the memo. He's always one step behind his white knight, with camera in hand, and no one's ever gotten in his way until Eric's best friend, Pacer Daringer, cast a shadow over Abel's happily ever after. Now Pacer has the little stalker in his sights, and he's determined to teach Abel a lesson. What he didn't count on was that Abel might like it.
Hahahahaoh my god!  I wanna read more without paying...come on take pity on yo broke readers
not inertia, momentum. inertia is the tendency for something to want to stay at rest.
I wish I read this when it was up on Wattpad but now that I know it's on Barnes and Noble I'm gonna get that.
Aww. c'mon, there's gotta be a difference between infatuation and love.
>.< I'm broke so I can't buy it. I guess it's time to ask my parents for a little favor xD I doubt they'll give me money, though >_> It's worth a shot. *le shrug*