The Rockstar's Girl (Bonnie x Reader) (Book 2)

The Rockstar's Girl (Bonnie x Reader) (Book 2)

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This is a sequel to Daughter of a Murderer. Please read the first book in order to understand this one.

(Y/N) is a girl with a difficult life and it just got more interesting. She must find the parents of her friends and receive a gift from each of them and bring them back to the 'place where they died' to stop her father once and for all. However, 6 have teamed up with Vincent to try and stop you. Will you be able to collect all the gifts, or will you meet your demise?

One traitor... makes all the difference...

Book one: Daughter of a Murderer
Book two: The Rockstar's Girl
Book three: Life with a Murderer

Lily6543 Lily6543 Aug 25
bonnie: eehrnmg.....DONT WANNA BE A AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My hand likes your faces
                              Bonnie: thanks?
                              No problem your very HANDsome
                              Papyrus: OH MY GOD NNOO
                              sans: heh nice one kiddo
                              Me: why thank you *flips hair and walks out of the chat*
So he played I write sins not tradgedies by panic at the disco well played, well played
Nosiepops Nosiepops Sep 01
I mean where I am there's not a lot of green houses or blue doors
Vitecro Vitecro Aug 20
Me: I'll take Chica. Foxy'll come too because he's fast and he's got a weapon.
                              Bonnie: T^T
Wait didn't she just say that I could choose when the time is right? Just a thought...