Its Just Ace || Book One

Its Just Ace || Book One

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Book One:     It's Just Ace.
Prologue - Epilogue (After *Chapter 050) 


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Book One - Synopsis

She doesn't play by the ground rules. To her, there are no rules. Well at least any rules she agrees on. 

Her words are like knives scratching against the chalkboard. She's like fire and she doesn't flinch nor does she hesitates when she retaliates with her fiery words and harsh comments. She's not afraid to fight back. 

She's a fighter, in every way. 

Tormented by pain and haunting memories, yet she's still able to face another day, makes her all the more while, more attractive. 

She is FIRE. And she WILL BURN YOU. 

You have been warned. 


Katara Rebel finds her last year in High School torn in two when she mets the new four arrogant boys on the first day. Not only does she find herself thrown into the deep end of the pool when she finds herself tangled emotionally with her ex-boyfriend as well, she also finds out secrets that have been hidden deliberately underneath the floorboards of her home. 

People who she thought she could trust are now causing her to think twice about things she's heading straight into. The leader of the new four arrogant boy gang is woven into her fate more than she would have liked. 

Can she handle betrayal once more when she races against time to uncover the truth of the unforgettable death of her brother? 

Hidden identities are finally revealed in this action strung drama. 

Its just Ace. But is it really? 

[Book Two - Synopsis In Book]

*Read At Your Own Risk*

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KittensPaw KittensPaw Nov 03, 2016
Only people with siblings understand how relatable this is. My brother was being a little brat face and then two minutes later he's trying to hug me.
BloodyFelix BloodyFelix Jan 25, 2016
Like I started the first chapter last night then fell asleep so I sorta forgot what this was about then I finished reading this chapter and I'm like "damn this is good"
Lemonybabyy Lemonybabyy Jan 11, 2016
I forgot what this book was about and then I saw this and was like "well damn, I gotta read this now"
babygurlie babygurlie Nov 22, 2015
That's different, they either respect her or fear her or her dad
gracious2113 gracious2113 Nov 21, 2015
I feel like we'll be hearing about this later on..idk just a hunch
Secret_esctasy Secret_esctasy Nov 20, 2015
She lives next to a police station?? That's pretty cool. Different as well, I like it.