[BTS Yoongi] Our Basketball Love Story #Wattys2016

[BTS Yoongi] Our Basketball Love Story #Wattys2016

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Eunbi is one of the top basketball players in her old school and is highly respected for her outstanding skills. 

But after moving into a new home, her dad is more than desperate to pull Eunbi out of basketball activities, hoping she will study more and play less. 

But it all changes after she meets a group of seven boys...who will lure her back into basketball and make the little ends of her high school life much more interesting. 

And what happens when she finds herself stuck in a love triangle?

[A cold high school girl X a group of idiotic boys = chaos]

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kuroiinekoo kuroiinekoo Sep 10
This is md but my friends would just make a comeback after i said that
rv_roslyn rv_roslyn Aug 31
Somehow Bokdong sounds like buttock am I the only one who think so? It's funny tho😂
THAT IS LITERALLY MY CLASS, the depressing, unenthusiastic clapping.
entitae entitae Sep 05
if she continues being an mvp she could get a sports scholarship to help with her education!11
Ohhhhhhh yeah I'm the bitchy one here! But you know what I have a title now I gotta live up to so guess what bitches I'm gonna be the bitchiest nightmare you've ever had.....😏🖕👌👌