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The Hurt Of Billionaire

The Hurt Of Billionaire

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katejonas18 By katejonas18 Completed

"You are no wife to me, you got it!? I'm marrying you because of circumstances and the sooner you feed it in your brain the better it will be for you understand" 
he said while pushing my back against the wall with force, making me grunt when pain shot through my body.
I try to break free by pushing and squirming but it's no use.
"Answer me! Don't look away when I'm talking to you! Do you get what I just said or do I need to make myself a little more clear," he said in a dangerously low voice, looking straight into my eyes.
"Yes, I know I'm no wife to you and believe me I have no interest in being your wife," I said finally finding my escape from his grip causing me to smirk at him. He looked at me giving me a confused look.  
 "why are you smirking bitch?"
"Oh, you're about to find out," I said and kicked him where the sun don't shine, making it extra painful as he fell to his knees, clutching his family jewels for the sake of his life.

maiza610 maiza610 Apr 24
Wedding is always a hardcore topic other then soccer n girls..pls..continue 💌
Imsupposedtoknowhow Imsupposedtoknowhow Feb 23, 2016
This book is good so far! Got a feeling that its gonna get better
loverajandsunny loverajandsunny Feb 22, 2016
Oh God his mom arrange blind date for him , he would look so cute when he would know about it's blind date ;)
loverajandsunny loverajandsunny Feb 22, 2016
Oh God blind date he would look so cute when he would know that he is on blind date :*
smmsj12345 smmsj12345 Nov 15, 2015
The story seems to little unreal is this fictious and some words might not making sence
claudemonets claudemonets Oct 18, 2015
Alex got no chill... He better change lol. Also I love Regan's personality! If I was in her place, I'd do the same thing.