Bending Steele

Bending Steele

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KMHalandras By kraftygal Updated Mar 08

He was dangerous, she knew it. That kiss confirmed it. But not the kind of dangerous where she feared for her safety. Oh no, this was a decadent kind of dangerous. One she could quickly become addicted to. The kind she could end up dying for.

Abigail Lane was a woman on the run. Ambiguity her closest friend. New York seemed the perfect place to hide, and disappear amongst the throngs of faceless people. By keeping her head down, and never drawing attention to herself, she managed to succeed at remaining hidden. That is until her world collided with Adam Steele. The man who refused to let her keep running.

Adam was the master of his universe. The business world feared him, colleagues revered him, and women fell at his feet. But none of it inspired him, and all of it left him cold. Adam's life had become stuck in a meaningless professional stupor, and he was slowly losing himself along the way. That is until a chance meeting with a spunky waitress from Brooklyn changed his outlook on life forever.

Both their lives transformed when fate stepped in one pivotal night, forcing opposites to attract. Abby couldn't seem to escape the disarming CEO who ignited a passion he wouldn't let her ignore. As new feelings begin to awaken inside, her past comes back to haunt her, threatening everything she held dear. Suddenly, Adam found himself in the middle of intrigue, danger and drag queens. Can Adam discover her secrets in time to protect her and stop Abigail, who gave him the one thing his money couldn't buy, from running again?

  • badboy
  • billionaire
  • ceo
  • contemporary
  • cosmoreads
  • desire
  • hope
  • humor
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  • mystery
  • passion
  • possessive
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ErlinaL ErlinaL Jul 21, 2017
I love high heels. I prefer comfy in everything but I've always loved high heels.
MelodyHall MelodyHall Aug 31, 2017
her small 5' 3" frame
                              her small 5'3" frame
                              ((no space between unit of measurement here))
MelodyHall MelodyHall Aug 31, 2017
lousy half an hour more
                              lousy half hour more
                              (Again, writer's choice. 😉)
MelodyHall MelodyHall Aug 31, 2017
Double check your comma for Mike's pause between dialogue. I cant remember the rule here, but I'm 75% sure you're right. Lol
MelodyHall MelodyHall Aug 31, 2017
"I know Mike
                              "I know, Mike
                              ((Girl! You and your commas!! LOL))
MelodyHall MelodyHall Aug 31, 2017
I'd start a new paragraph around here, just to keep things neat and the flow easy.