Lirio (Harry Potter Next Generation)

Lirio (Harry Potter Next Generation)

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Lirio Del'Sol isn't an ordinary girl. She's a fifth generation Metamorphmagus witch, distantly related to Nymphadora Lupin. But sadly, when she was just five years old her parents were murdered in front of her very eyes and she was carted of to a children's home for the wizarding world's misfits, werewolves, squibs and others who don't fit into to normal wizard society.

Now eleven, a teacher from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry turns up at the home offering her a place at this prestigious school and she can be free of the place she's had to call home for the past six years. She plans to study hard and be the best that she can be so to be free of her old life at the home, getting more rights for werewolves. But when she meets James Sirius Potter and hid cousins, Fred and Dominique, those plans seem to take a back seat.

Lirio and James become best friends in an instant, as if they'd known each other for years. The pair and James' cousins become the next Hogwarts troublemakers, causing chaos wherever they go. But as James and Lirio grow older, what if they want to be more than friends and won't admit it? And what happens when more than their relationship is put on the line?

Join Lirio as she learns about her past, discovering her Spanish heritage, and learns about the world which she hasn't entered for so long.

Disclaimer- I do not own the Harry Potter series all right go to J.K.Rowling

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house_cabin_district house_cabin_district Mar 07, 2016
Omg I was just thinking like if a baby inherits the werewolf gene for the first year or two every month you would have a little werewolf puppy who in my imagination would just be this cute fluffy little wold looking dog and okay I just had to share that