And This Is How I Write....

And This Is How I Write....

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S E M I - H I A T U S By JhingBautista Completed

I know I'm not the greatest writer EVER. No one is. Someone is always better. Kahit anong gawin mo, may mas magaling pa rin sa 'yo. We always admire other people and in the process, we belittle ourselves.

But I'm not going to preach about self-esteem.


I want to help aspiring and amateur writers out there in the only way I can... write about it.

I'll share with you the things I do and how I write and hope that they'll be able to help you.

Some might work. Some may not.

Use these as guidelines... not patterns.

Remember... you can set stories apart from the others by being YOU. :)

    Whatever you say your such a good writter hihi I will take this as guidelines.
    @HappinessEmpire Waa bashain mo to. Nakatulong saken to. 😂
    missXzY missXzY Oct 31, 2016
    @JhingBautista pwede patanong ilang words dapat isang chapter?
    heyjennie heyjennie Sep 10, 2016
    Thank You Ate Jhing...I Can't To Start Reading This Beautiful Story... :)
    CATHikalon23 CATHikalon23 Mar 14, 2016
    need some of your advice miss jhing.. now Im writing a story.
    sunny_miles10 sunny_miles10 Sep 05, 2015
    That's very awesome. And Tears Of Joy. Haha. So many I've learn for your short advice or tips..