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Itty Bitty (boyxboy)

Itty Bitty (boyxboy)

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) By TheLYProject Completed

Darby Kale is not the nicest person. He never has been. Why? Well, it all comes down to his height. Being a five foot nothing guy is hard. Especially when everyone refuses to let him have peace about it, ever. During the summer of his seventeenth, Darby just so happens to meet a very handsome, and very tall guy under strange circumstances. Will charm and good looks be enough to break through Darby's shell? Or will he still be cold and surly by summer's end? Read to find out!

gayisbae gayisbae Oct 06, 2016
He's like the guy version of me we're the same height and attitude😂😂
I've never encountered a high school that actually has lockers. I've been to two myself and my current school is on a fairly large campus. Someone please tell me, are lockers a myth? I've only seen them in fiction.
AllyCat- AllyCat- Feb 05
Me: *Skips over main story*
                              Also me: *Sees there's a main story* 
Jenn_Savage Jenn_Savage Feb 08
Bîtch? Who the fûck you think you are?! Asking for someone's food, scuse' you bitch.
Wait im probably not going to get around to actually reading this book until like 3 months from now but
AllyCat- AllyCat- Feb 05
I would have drop kicked he so hard she'd end up hugging the Earth's Core