Young Love: Part 4

Young Love: Part 4

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Bianca King By QueenBianca_ Completed

Part 4 Is In Kaidence And Preston's P.O.V. 

Will They Finally Be Together Again, Or Will Someone Else Come In Between Them?

*EDITED 1/17/16*

  • betrayal
  • death
  • drama
  • lies
  • love
Sometimes i believe he just want her azz for sex. He act like he can't keep his penis in his dayum pants smh
I'm most def gone watch yo azz now👀 bet not fuqk no other bitxhes, since you say you "sooo in love with Kaidence" & she yo "first only real & truu love." Best believe i'm watchin yo azz like a Hawk & a owl in a tree👀👀👀😊
Smh ion even wanna hear yo POV, but ima still read it tho because you might do some sliqk shii😒
Smdh i knew yo azz still was no good. How you gone ask Kay to be witchu but go ask another bitxh for her lul fuqk boy🖕🏽🖕🏽‼️
Smh you are single butchu don't be doin shii like that when you say you wanna be a family with somebody.
I still don't like yo azz yet Preston. You better prove me otherwise & then i'll consider likin you. She needa find a new niqqah smh