Diabolik Lovers Oneshots (Requests Open)

Diabolik Lovers Oneshots (Requests Open)

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Luna_Cherrie By Luna_Cherrie Updated Aug 07

Oneshots with your favorite Mukami and Sakamaki brothers who are vampires. It's gonna be reader chan and a vampire. Yup.Reader and Vampire.

Name a more iconic couple I'll wait 😂😂😂

Who can blame the readers? These guys are hot.

Hot blood sucking vampires paired up with dear 'innocent' reader chan. I couldn't think of a better match.

This description's weird.

Anyways it's oneshots starring you, reader chan, and hot blood sucking vampires who are brothers with completely different personalities. We have a playboy,a lazy music loving dude, a tsundere, an adorable insomniac and many more!
Enjoy ^-^

Im_Annoyed Im_Annoyed May 07
Please use paragraphs more. It was confusing me a little while reading I lost where I was a few times. Thanks A Lot!
s154799 s154799 Jun 08
can you make a bite sing with ayato, laito, and kanato please
tvishis tvishis May 28
Can you do a bite scenes with all the sakamaki? PLLLLZZZZZ  (more specifically the triplets!)
milk-tae-and-kookies milk-tae-and-kookies Jun 25, 2016
                              I'LL REALLY APPRECIATE IT
Rose724ann Rose724ann Aug 27, 2016
Also, could you please do a Teacher!Laito x Student!Reader??
Nakura_Sakamaki Nakura_Sakamaki May 06, 2016
MORE ADVICE: PLEASE USE PARAGRAPHS!! One massive chunk of text like this is so confusing to read, as there are no paragraphs to break it up. Please use paragraphs next time.