The Mafia Loves me... OMG!(SAMPLE ONLY - IT IS BEING PUBLISHED ON MAY 2nd, 2018)

The Mafia Loves me... OMG!(SAMPLE ONLY - IT IS BEING PUBLISHED ON MAY 2nd, 2018)

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Yui Ismutomo By Justme_Ai Completed

------ THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY. IT IS BEING PUBLISHED ON 2ND MAY 2018, SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD. Please don't ask me put it back here because I am not allowed due to due to the terms & conditions of publishing --------

 Meet Eowyn, an ordinary 17 year old girl who works as a waitress in a cafe. 

Meet Aiden, a 26 year old guy who is also the leader of The Genosees Mafia in Italy. The people and the cops know him as death himself. He went to Florida to find him enemy, one who ran away with his money. When Aiden arrives at a small cafe with a few of him men, he didn't expect to be rescued by a girl from a bullet. This girl's name is Eowyn. 

After saving Aiden, she's not just some ordinary girl anymore. That simple action made her life full of danger. Everyone from thugs, gangs and mafia's are following her and bringing her life in danger. 

Different life and a dangerous love. 

What will happen to them? 


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this is your first chapter and already mistake shouldn't your editor do that well she is doing a bad job. sorry no hating but stating facts
lish_writer lish_writer Apr 10, 2017
Hopefully I'll be able to pronounce his last name by the end of the book😂
Lomzay Lomzay Jul 17, 2017
Third time reading this book, it's been a while but it's still so good. You're doing well 👍🏼
lish_writer lish_writer Apr 10, 2017
I love the loyalty for family, that is why Ivonshovs are my fave family
I don't know much about Italy but the Mafia  stories I've read so far has conceptlike powerful mafia, importance to family and women in their family and always they give importance to I don't understand the family thing of the mafia
alley17690 alley17690 Feb 21, 2016
Bang into the room....
                              To early?...
                              *slowly backs away*