Different (Jack Gilinsky){COMPLETED}

Different (Jack Gilinsky){COMPLETED}

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When I moved to Omaha, travelling around the country on a tour bus was never an option.

book one from two of the different series.

sequel; empty heart

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Ugh oh my god in every fricken story I read that has Madison beer in it she's always the bad person jack is happy with Madison and I don't think you would want jack to be not happy... So pull on your big girl pants and deal with it.
So I just noticed that Bea Miller is playing the main character. Author, you just killed me inside. SHE IS A FŪCKING GODDESS!!!!!!!
That jawline is shauurrp! Hoes and manwhores... Introducing Gilinsky!
Jesus Christ in almost every fan fiction Madison is annoying or a bitch. I don't understand why people can't make her,  her nice goofy self.😒 oh well, it's just a story, glad she not actually like this in real life😂