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Ambika Bhandari By Ambi_Ambivert Completed

Voldemort wins the war. wizarding world changes under his control. death eaters and purebloods are the ones who are respected in the Society. mudbloods and muggle Are captured and or killed on sight.

Hermione Granger finds herself captured and locked up in a cage. soon she is bought by none other than her enemy Draco malfoy. 

what will happen to her? will she survive? can she bring everything back to normal?

P. S: Characters are property of the Great J. K Rowling. 
i just own this plot twist!

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'Took out the collar from his pocket and fixed it around her smooth neck...' WHAT IS SHE NOW, A DOG?!
Jen_Swan89 Jen_Swan89 Jun 09
I wish I could scrach my eyes out and obliviate myself so that i dont have to remember what I just read ahhh 😂🤢😣😝
Ewwwwwwwwwwww Lucius you're like fifty ewwwwwwwww, why does she have to be naked??? 😫😫 I feel like you're taking away the little power that Hermione had in the story. You know, J.K Rowling didn't write her as weak and over sexualised for a reason.
omygod....did big bad voldy get anything? I MEAN....HE"S A HALF-BLOOD
This one's creepy... HAHAHAHA I really ship Lucius with Narcissa though...
So I just read your message to me. And danggg you've got me hooked on this book so far! Please keep writing! It's amazing so far