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Ambika Bhandari By Amy_LoveBlue Completed

Voldemort wins the war. wizarding world changes under his control. death eaters and purebloods are the ones who are respected in the Society. mudbloods and muggle Are captured and or killed on sight.

Hermione Granger finds herself captured and locked up in a cage. soon she is bought by none other than her enemy Draco malfoy. 

what will happen to her? will she survive? can she bring everything back to normal?

P. S: Characters are property of the Great J. K Rowling. 
i just own this plot twist!

devchen devchen Jul 11, 2016
Doesn't she have a husband? Well I don't think voldi would really care
ParisCortez ParisCortez Jun 08, 2016
What do ya mean 'cover up her shame' ?!? She has nothing to be ashamed of. She's a women
KittyCat1306 KittyCat1306 Oct 27, 2016
I just thought of that line in hbp when Ron says "Hermione has nice skin" lol
VeronicaNolen VeronicaNolen Mar 04, 2016
Honestly wouldn't have been surprised since his mother did the same
damnedifthedeadbite damnedifthedeadbite Dec 06, 2015
Maybe once Draco started really helping Voldemort and embracing (or appearing to) himself being a death eater, Lucius wasn't as cruel to him?
credenceshair credenceshair Aug 28, 2015
This is really good so far and it really shows how evil Voldermaut can be! I get way into stories like these!