Montague Academy: Deception

Montague Academy: Deception

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🐰 L U N A 🐰 By mayeangelu Updated May 18


Being transferred to a creepy school was not what Nathalie had in mind to spend her junior year at. But after the incident that happened in her house, she was forced to accept her uncle's offer to study in Montague Academy. 

Now, welcome to Montague Academy, a school for known elites in the country and a school that screams danger. Nathalie knew a few things about this school, like the recent death of a certain student, which makes her want to withdraw from the school. But she didn't.

Encountering friends and foes along the way, Nathalie became accustomed with everyone but slightly wary around them. Why? 

First, she was being chased by random dudes for an unknown reason.

Second, there were still numerous deaths happening within the school.

Lastly, a mysterious XOXO kept bugging her everywhere as if it knows where she is as of the moment. All this person's messages were accurate to her situation in which afterwards turn out to be a warning.

With all of this in tow, Nathalie was determined to find the reason behind all of it. 

Who were the dudes following her around? Who was responsible for the murders? Lastly, who is XOXO? Is that person a friend or a foe?

One thing is for sure, one mystery leads to another and the most crucial mystery might alter the life Nathalie had known forever. 

Book Cover: akiraliu88
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
All Rights Reserved 2015 by mayeangelu (c)

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I remember Mirden of Montello High by the one and only miss @sielalstrem
JaydeeeWP JaydeeeWP Apr 18
Ms.a suggest ko lang po ah.. try to read Hell University para mas ma inspired pa po kayo "Knight In Black" po yung author.. suggest ko lang nman po :) anyways.. ang exciting ng prologue.. Hahahahahaha
dreannec dreannec Nov 20, 2016
OMG.  Hi author, I am 1 of your Readers, and I really admire your story. ❤ Thankyou for the Update!  Much Appreciated! Lovelots Author!
cenaquinox cenaquinox Jan 28
Montague? Kindly reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Pfft! Hehe.
cheyaberry cheyaberry Sep 04, 2016
Waaahh! I like montello high too! Hello author! ^^ i will read your story !!
mayeangelu mayeangelu May 22, 2015
hahaha kawawang Dash... gusto niya ba kami na lang ate @alerayve? hahaha