USUK: What Do You Mean You Love Me?

USUK: What Do You Mean You Love Me?

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Sky By I-Am-The-Only-Norway Completed

So, someone suggest I write a USUK fanfiction and its funny because I'm English and I live in America...yea...

Arthur Kirkland is the average 17 year old. He loves wizardry and the Harry Potter books are his favorite.
He has been classified as a geek/nerd and he's shy and quiet unless you mess with him.

Alfred F. Jones is a normal 16 year old boy. He has a older/little (I'm not fighting about this again) brother who he is very protective over. Alfred is president of the student council.

The two have been at the same school for ages, but Alfred is just now noticing Arthur. And boy does is he falling.

But Arthur doesn't seem to like Alfred.

What will happen?

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