Marvel Half-Blood

Marvel Half-Blood

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A few days after the giant war, Percy is alone in the world. A week out of Tartarus, EVERYONE is gone... all because of Gaia. Now a group of "super heroes" want Percy, but he wants to be left alone.

There's something big coming, something that only two people have seen, but three have experienced. Only one is still alive...

He's coming and he's after something.
Or Someone...

Avengers assemble to try and detain a certain half blood. No records of him, just his name, age, parents(deceased), a few notes, and a photo from about 9 months ago. Who is Percy Jackson?
Avengers Assemble!

All characters belong to RR & Marvel Works

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I dont care about detail but tbh i dont k ow how old he is 😂😂
BadWolfMoose174 BadWolfMoose174 Dec 30, 2017
Yeah I totally agree and I don’t really care what age he is I was just going to go with whatever you said😂
Big_Red02 Big_Red02 Aug 17, 2017
He was definitely like 12. Right? (I'm attempting sarcasm over text. It doesn't work too well)
darkness171 darkness171 Oct 08, 2017
I watched my first Marvel related thing a couple hours ago. I've been reading Percy Jackson and the Avengers fanfiction for several months.
WolfWarrior2007 WolfWarrior2007 Jun 25, 2017
If  the enemy is tarter sauce then actually 3 people saw it and survived
ChildOfNyx ChildOfNyx Aug 08, 2017
Same I hate it when people complain about some simple details, it's a fan fic for the gods their sakes you can write whatever you want in a fan fiction. That's why it's called fiction