Our Last Time (Complete Novel)

Our Last Time (Complete Novel)

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Cristy Marie Poplin By CristyMariePoplin Completed

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Willow Monroe and Kennedy Danes have been best friends since drawings were assignments in school. They've been joined at the hip for years. They love riding bikes together, smiling for real, and laughing, even at the wrong times. 

Once their senior year of high school comes around, Kennedy becomes terminally ill. Though he has plans that don't involve sadness, he still needs to find a way to tell Willow he only has six more months to live. 

Willow and Kennedy can never say the word 'goodbye'. They have this agreement to say Hello up until their last time spent together. The sixteenth of August in the year of 1997 is when Willow and Kennedy say Hello for the last time. 


Nine years later finds Willow in the smallest hospital of Chicago, working as a registered nurse. There she meets Wyatt Blanquette, a curmudgeonly patient with untapped wisdom and heart, beneath a stony exterior. 

When they agree to be nice to each other instead of abundantly rude, Wyatt eventually shows the fact that he sees a light in Willow that cannot burn out. Everything changes once Wyatt reveals to Willow his heart-wrenching secret. 

Willow's thoughts bicker and she has to determine whether she should suppress the feelings she's afraid of reliving, or to let them be seen - with her heart wide open.

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allwesinners allwesinners May 10, 2017
all types of emotions flowing out of me when I read this, sad but good emotions, great chapter, definitely moving on to the next :)
- - Mar 30, 2016
This is AMAZING, only a chapter and already thinking I know the characters! 
                              Well done
Fellial Fellial Oct 14, 2016
God, the first chapter isn't over yet and I'm already crying
Fellial Fellial Oct 14, 2016
It's not the right word I want to use but I think it's incredibly "smart" and more thoroughly optimistic
eucatastrophe9 eucatastrophe9 Feb 17, 2017
Hey! I just came across this story and it sounded brilliant! I'm going to read this soon, and expecting quite a lot. 
                              PS. Your writing is awesome!
shenneane shenneane Sep 02, 2016
I love this. The relationship between Willow and Kennedy is golden... Just woah. 
                              You're a very good writer at that; your expression, characterization everything. #awesome.