The Wolf, The Lions and The Sun

The Wolf, The Lions and The Sun

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Thalia Martell  was so called daughter to the "Imp" Tyrion Lannister. She is the most faithful and beautiful person ever to live in King's Landing, with her Long brown hair and her green eyes. She always had a smile. 

But then, after a trip to the North, two men instantly fall for her. One of the men's names were Robb Stark and the other Joffrey Baratheon. She has to choose between the two of them. As she goes through her love life, a man that she never thought of loves her deeply, she learns the truth about herself, who she really is, and who she is about to become. 

When Thalia becomes Queen of the Realm and marries Tommen Baratheon. Is finding her way to fit into society. Now that her lover knows her secret, she feels that others will discover it. 

She is then accused of murder and is locked away and stands trial, curtesy of the Faith and Cersei Lannister. 

Once she is free from the faith, she wants to leave King's Landing, for good. She then runs away to Mereen to find Daenearys and Tyrion. While leaving the Kingdom to Cersei.

*****The Wolf, The Lions and The Sun is based off of the characters of Game Of Thrones and George R R Martin. I own only Thalia*****

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chazzmaniandevil chazzmaniandevil Oct 23, 2017
Technically Robert would have her killed cuz she has Targaryen blood in her.
HikariTsukino HikariTsukino Nov 25, 2017
Okay but in my mind I’m reading this in a hushed European accent like why are we whispering