Rejected By You

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Kat Bonnevier By KatBonnevier Updated 2 years ago
My life was never perfect. But then agian what was? In fact my life sucked. Being beaten forced to eat trash- literaly, is never really high on my to-do list. But no matter haw bad I thought it was NEVER did i EVER imagine that the fates would be as cruel to let me get rejected by my mate. never did I expect to run away, and never did i belive i could could get so strong and find the light in a place so dark. All because i was rejected. Rejected by you.
For a 12 year old that was a really good beginning ! It's totally worth it. Keep going but at times where I's are supposed to be there are U's which is kind of confusing but I think they're typos because the u is right next to the i :D
Please update :) maybe you could do like "three years later" type thing! Good luck :)